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3 Best Tech Gadget Websites in Indonesia

- Tuesday, May 05, 2020
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Information needs about the world of gadgets have provided opportunities for many internet activists both personally and companies to create a special website that discusses the latest technology of gadgets and various applications that accompany it.

Of the many websites and blogs with gadgets and technology topic, there are a number of them that have successfully grown into popular and well-known websites in Indonesia.

We summarize the 3 (three) best tech gadget websites in Indonesia that we value based on several criteria including SEO matrix that are commonly used in assessing the popularity of a website.

Technically, the SEO matrix commonly used to review and assess a website is DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) introduced by Moz. DA (Domain Authority) can be defined as a statistical measurement to determine the reputation of a website by making a ranking scale from 0 to 100. The greater the value of DA, such domain is predicted to be able to compete for the first page in the Google search. While PA (Page Authority) is the ranking of a single page of a website and not the whole page in one domain.

Another matrix which is also commonly used are TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow) introduced by Majestic. Both numbers range from 0 to 100. High TF and CF numbers indicate that the website has a collection of quality backlinks that come from trusted and reputable sites.
Domain Authority
So by combining the entire SEO matrix above (both the Moz and Majestic), we can make a ranking order of a website even though it might be in the eyes of web visitors, the technical aspect is not always the main factor that makes them interested in visiting a particular website. Although there is a common relationship can be drawn between the high score of SEO matrix with the popularity of a website. More and more visitors who visit a website indicate that the website has quality content which in the end gets a lot of support in the form of backlinks from high-authority websites. And the increasing visitors will certainly have a good impact on the ranking of websites on Google's search.

Rank 1
By using tools, the DA and PA scores are 66 and 60 respectively, while the TF and CF matrix score 17 and 48 respectively. Meanwhile, the Alexa score obtained by Jalantikus is 7448.

From the results of the technical aspect above can be obtained a general conclusion that Jalantikus has gained high trust by users in Indonesia as a trusted online source in the field of gadget technology.

The person who played a major role in the success of JalanTikus is Weihan Liew, a man who graduated from Monash University Australia and The University of Chicago. He has worked in the Boston Consulting Group and software giant company, Microsoft. After being satisfied pursuing a job in 2 (two) companies, he then moved and joined Nokia before he finally began to develop his own business in the field of the digital company, namely MainGames, an online game publisher. The interest of millennial generation in playing games helped to catapult the company he manages where MainGames became one of the most popular game publishers in Indonesia.

Not satisfied until there, Weihan Liew saw another opportunity that had not been taken by many people, namely creating a web portal based on software download providers and other applications called JalanTikus. This site also presents a variety of interesting content related to the world of gadget technology and entertainment such as films.

With high tenacity and perseverance and never give up, Weihan Liew succeeded in delivering JalanTikus as the most popular gadget technology website in Indonesia. To manage the website, he then strengthened his team by recruiting several employees who were placed in various divisions. For that achievement, JalanTikus has received many business partnerships from other companies in the form of advertising and other cooperation schemes.

Rank 2
In the second place is Telset, which tested DA using scores DA 46 and PA 43, while the TF and CF scores were 8 and 44 respectively. While for Alexa scores a little far from JalanTikus (the position is 14414).

Before the digital world became booming, the journalistic business in the past was still dependent on the printed version that was sold or circulated by bookstores and retailers. This was done by Telset which established in 2000 in the monthly magazine format. However, by observing the development of the digital era, in 2014 Telset left the printed format and switched to the digital version by carrying a brand called which in 2016 later changed its name to

Through a more up-to-date interface and promoting the concept of "using and buying preferences", Telset comes in a new face as an updated technology news portal and gadget as well as exploring information about the telecommunications industry in Indonesia and the world. The accuracy of articles and news wrapped with a combination of text, photos, videos and infographics has made this website as a reference for readers who need in-depth reviews, especially on the various smartphone, computer, laptop, camera, and other products.

Telset has a neat organizational structure led by a CEO who oversees many divisions and departments under it. The company is also open to collaborating with third parties in the form of advertisements and other programs.

Rank 3
Sticking tight under Telset is Cellular which after testing using tools obtained DA 45 and PA 45 scores while TF and CF scores 7 and 43 respectively. From Alexa ranking, this website gets a score of 85687, far in under Jalantikus and Telset.

Like Telset, Selular started its history from conventional media in the form of a printed magazine which was first published in 2000. This magazine has experienced a period of glory when it was well-received among its loyal readers. This is evidenced by the successful publication which consists of 46 printed pages per copy. In 2002, the number of printed pages was added to 64 pages with a circulation of 30,000 copies. In 2005, along with the tight competition with similar companies, SELULAR magazine made efforts to improve by adding pages, changing the cover concept, including adding buyers guide rubric as the first mobile shopping guide in Indonesia. While one of the routine offline programs is the SELULAR Award to give awards to products, services and outstanding figures in the Indonesian telecommunications industry. In the same year, SELULAR strengthened the online sector by presenting SELULAR Online ( whose contents were almost the same as the printed version. At the end of 2014, the SELULAR Online website which originally used the domain changed to The website design was also redesigned including the website logo, to make it look more modern.

Similar to JalanTikus who was born from a personal hand, also cannot be separated from the role of a figure who founded this company from the beginning, Hermes Thamrin. He was born in 1948 and came from Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Initially, he founded PT Bimasakti Usindo Persada, a cellphone sales company in 1997. Even though one year later the 1998 economic crisis occurred in Indonesia, his guts to continue his business brought satisfying results. By cooperating with Nokia, he successfully established Graha Nokia and the first Nokia Professional Center outlet in Asia. He also founded Global Teleshop to strengthen its business lines.

At present, the CEO position in is handed over to another person to get better improvement. But Hermes himself did not stop there. He even widened new business in the property sector and now successfully counted as one of the property kings in Indonesia.
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